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The Dying Art of Letter Writing

What is it to receive a hand written letter?  It’s a rarity!  More so it is a greater rarity to write one.  And in the wake of letter writing is a great void followed then by a crowd of various … Continue reading

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The Joys

I realised one of the joys of home schooling is that when it comes to holiday time, it really is holiday time. There is no homework to be done – otherwise that would be school. Here are some other joys … Continue reading

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Making Memories

Easter holidays began today!  Hooray!  And the children had friends over to play.  It was a day of relaxed productivity for me. The continuation of the elephant I’m making for our youngest: Only, she keeps pinching it and playing with … Continue reading

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The Cost of Freedom

Yesterday, as I was trying to cut a piece of plastic with a carving knife the thoughts going through my head were, “This is very silly.  You shouldn’t be doing this with this knife.  It will end in disaster.  This … Continue reading

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