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Production by The Cottage Puppet Company

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Declaration of Hope

I’ve just had the wonderful privilege of playing, yet again, with the All Souls Orchestra in the Royal Albert Hall.  It was a fabulous concert, in an amazing venue that was filled with the most incredible sound all with the … Continue reading

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My husband got out of bed this morning and a little one climbed into his place.  She then proceeded to interview me with a piece of lego about the life and times of rabbits, giraffe and ostrich.  Then she questioned … Continue reading

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“My stirrups aren’t the same, Mum.” Fearless always wants to go fast, even when she doesn’t shorten her reins!

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Abergele Red Kites

A neighbouring farmer told us he’d seen three Red Kites together, but I had only ever seen two.  However, today I saw three at the same time.  I saw one fight over food with a buzzard, too.  They are impressive … Continue reading

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And So It Was…

…that the day went like this: Morning boys! Keep still, Fly.  I can’t get a decent picture of you! Then the girls went off for the day with aunts and cousins while one of the boys compiled his own magazine … Continue reading

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Making Memories

Easter holidays began today!  Hooray!  And the children had friends over to play.  It was a day of relaxed productivity for me. The continuation of the elephant I’m making for our youngest: Only, she keeps pinching it and playing with … Continue reading

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Riding on a Donkey

Yesterday, we had a joint service with the Anglican church that involved a Palm Sunday procession with a donkey.  It was a very positive day that stretched both communal expressions of worship and was beautifully seasoned with unity, throughout. I … Continue reading

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