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Dancing in Tune to Radio 3

Increasingly, I listen to Radio 3 in the car. It must be an age thing although it was our constant companion as children, so I could be regressing to childhood. I always learn something from Radio 3 without feeling quite … Continue reading

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Dancing and Racing Cars

While it rains and hails, the wind howls, the fire glows and the sky goes bright then black, we entertain ourselves.  It is Christmas eve, after all. Dancing with Dad! Pahahaha!!! Getting the TCR track up and running. She’s found … Continue reading

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The Joys

I realised one of the joys of home schooling is that when it comes to holiday time, it really is holiday time. There is no homework to be done – otherwise that would be school. Here are some other joys … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to call this post!

Tim teaches the boys how to use Pro-Tools on the computer and I overhear son no. 2. come to him for advice, “Dad, you know that thing on the side of the music thing…?” I pack out laughing at the … Continue reading

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Strange Saturday

Youngest is bitten by a spider. Two armed response teams, one undercover and two normal police cars arrive over nothing illegal. Tim attends a coffee morning with two of our children, and the Secretary of State for Wales, while I … Continue reading

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Production by The Cottage Puppet Company

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The Rapunzel Tower

Stuck in the frustrating Rapunzel tower Going round and round over the same ground Fighting the interactions of a fractious mind I find I’ve found lost resolve But cannot solve the mystery Can’t bring it to pass Can’t make it … Continue reading

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