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A Change of Season – unpublished from 20/02/11

This is the time of year when the children have their lunch as a “mick-mick” (Jemimah) or “pink-it” (cousin Rebekah) in the tree house.  There is something so delightful about seeing the sunshine and feeling the freshness of the promise … Continue reading

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Today’s Prayer

Dear Jesus, Please help Daddy get better.  I love him so much.  He’s got a bad cough.  Please make him better.  But when he isn’t better help him have good sleep.  Help him have good rest. Amen Said by Jem.

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Lessons to be learned from Quince

I’m on door greeting duty at Church in the morning and I have to admit that my door greeting skills don’t surface as naturally as working with children.  I still have a lot to learn and am willing to be … Continue reading

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From Another Pocket of the Old Briefcase

Extracts from a letter written to Tim during the Christmas holidays.  It was the first time of being apart after we’d started courting (going out with each other) and my handwriting is exceptionally neat.  It was written from our family … Continue reading

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The old Briefcase unfolds more

I’ve found a folder with some choice pieces of work from school when I was 12.  This piece of descriptive writing was from an exam and I kept it because I was pleased it earned me 38 marks out of … Continue reading

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The old Briefcase unfolds

Under our bed, is a big, retro, leather briefcase.   It is passed it’s season of fashion and trend, well worn and has a story to tell.  So if you see it, please don’t laugh!  It was my Papa’s.  I’m … Continue reading

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