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Locked Down But Not Out

I honestly thought, when the requests came through that we were to stop teaching, I would have lots of time to write. How wrong! My time is spent in long and lovely conversations daily and it is surprising how much … Continue reading

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Are You Excited About Christmas?

Walking through town this morning, I met an acquaintance.  “Oh, Hi!  How are you?” Surprised I’d acknowledged him he very enthusiastically greeted me back and then said, “Hey! Are you excited about Christmas?” I said I was and again he … Continue reading

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I’m feeling rough today: literally drained by a tummy bug. In the spring sun I’m soaking in my recuperation as I can’t eat anything and rather than thinking about all the things I should be doing, I can think and … Continue reading

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“This Is God’s Will…”

It’s just so simple!  Why have I never seen it before? Yesterday morning as I finished my Bible study I noticed these verses at the bottom of the page on my journal: 1 Thess. 5:16-18.  We always quote John 11:35 … Continue reading

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Mushy Pea Brain

As usual, my head is full of things to write about, not least a novel about a young man living in traditional ways without electricity and modern conveniences in a Chateaux in France – written as an allegory to traditional … Continue reading

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Good Night!

Last night, was the first night of sleeping in a bed in this house, for four and a half months. I like the way this photo shows the aerial of the music system.  It shows what we prioritise in our lives! Bed, … Continue reading

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Verse 19, Chapter 27 in the Book of Proverbs says “As water reflects the face so one’s life reflects the heart.” While we all have memories of how Granny lived her life that show what her heart was like, I … Continue reading

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Childhood Theology

I have collected together a few expressions from children that show their wonderful grasp of God and life.  These are all absolutely genuine, with quotes from my own children and the children of friends I was at school with. Child: … Continue reading

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A Little Help Please

My wonderful mother made a suggestion in passing that has set my mental cogs in motion.  Her comment coincided with some encouragement from others which seemed to oil the cogs.  She suggested that I write a book about Tim’s year … Continue reading

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Production by The Cottage Puppet Company

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