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Decaying Decade

Like the dying sun in an old world, in The Magician’s Nephew, the decade of the 2010s sinks and I, as is the trend, have to look at it again and summarise all that has been. One single decade makes … Continue reading

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Dissertation and All ‘Dat’ Jazz

I am just putting the finishing touches to my dissertation, determined to turn it in before the deadline. This is a personal pride issue to prove to myself that I have grown up since my first degree – where my … Continue reading

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The Dying Art of Letter Writing

What is it to receive a hand written letter?  It’s a rarity!  More so it is a greater rarity to write one.  And in the wake of letter writing is a great void followed then by a crowd of various … Continue reading

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Mushy Pea Brain

As usual, my head is full of things to write about, not least a novel about a young man living in traditional ways without electricity and modern conveniences in a Chateaux in France – written as an allegory to traditional … Continue reading

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