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Chatsworth 2015

I stressed.  I nagged.  I flapped.  I worried.  I fretted.  I didn’t want to go.  Dapplebum was a pickle and played up when the children schooled him.  We changed his bit.  He played up.  Longshanks long reined, and long reined … Continue reading

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Puppies are Destructive

The nights are drawing in, and tonight so mild. Why? I don’t know. This I do know. As we travel to and from afternoon activities and the dark closes in the children talk more in the car, and the conversations … Continue reading

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Speaking from the Silence

It has been a long time since I have written any blog posts. I was suffering from a bout of SAPD (Seasonal Allergy to People Disorder) that I usually get once a year in the January/February time when I want … Continue reading

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Wonderful Words

Tim, on his way to play badminton tells me that his badminton partner had contacted him to ask if they wanted to meet ten minutes early to do some stretches together before they played, but he told his badminton partner … Continue reading

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A Postcard of Conversation

I have two unposted posts that I have not finished writing due to the intensity of the topics.  But in the interim I just thought I would record a conversation with my 11 year old, yesterday.  This took place in … Continue reading

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Quips and Quotes of the Week

Monday:  “Quince is even better than Rinaldo at football.”  (Quince is the dog). Tuesday:  I’d put clean sheets on the girls’ beds and one pipes up “It reminds of Ouma’s”.  “Why?” said I.  “Because you’ve got clean sheets?”.  “No” said … Continue reading

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Childhood Theology

I have collected together a few expressions from children that show their wonderful grasp of God and life.  These are all absolutely genuine, with quotes from my own children and the children of friends I was at school with. Child: … Continue reading

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