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Observations That Don’t Make Sense

Indulging in classic procrastinating antics, I sit to write instead of tidying this place called home. I want to record some things I observe. It has been a busy week that passed me by and now I feel the foot … Continue reading

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This I found

I just found this document saved in a file on the computer. WHAT I WANT TO BE FOR GOD God knows me. I am Josiah R*******. I am 11 years old and some people say that I’m tall for my … Continue reading

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Another Violin Lesson

Our eldest daughter’s birth followed my father’s death by fourteen hours.  She was a week later than her due date and the only one of our four children to be born after their due date.  On her due date, Tim … Continue reading

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March On with Anomalies.

Here at the end of March, I realise it has been a still month on the blog frontier.  It has been a month of much quiet contemplation and plenty of thought-filled material gathering, but no output!  I must be an … Continue reading

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New Classics

One of the children said this about artichokes – “I don’t like those.  They make me sour and blind.” I always have this concept that my time in the bathroom is private, sanctified time where I have a few moments … Continue reading

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The Greatest and Hardest Lesson to Learn

School has finished for the long summer holidays.  Originally, schools had a long summer break so the children could help bring in the harvest.  I don’t think our one afternoon of helping with the hay could count as much help … Continue reading

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Attitude of the Strong-itude

That wind!  We’re fortunate the chimney pot is still on the chimney.  Our chimney pot suffered severe cracks from intense heat about this time last year and it looks a bit lopsy, but has stood still throughout the year.  These … Continue reading

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