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Last time/First time

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” This phrase was swung into my conscience when I was at University and I remember it rang a number of times and motivated me to get on with … Continue reading

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Confessions of a housewife.

I killed the kettle! It was me.  I don’t want to explain how;  it isn’t pretty, but the truth is I killed the kettle.  After boiling a pan of water this morning to make a cup of tea, we discussed … Continue reading

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A Poem

Camping at Canal Ahava An inbetween sort of place On the way Set down Gather together And let the dust settle A place of rest Where we prepare to build For the best To build on the foundation laid With … Continue reading

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And Now For Some Narrative:

A Topsy Tuesday All the children are in their beds, it’s past eight o’clock, so I snuggle close to the fire.  It means moving Grandad’s chair.  I absorb the heat of good windfall wood and reflect with warmth a funny … Continue reading

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A Play – in a car.

This conversation takes place in a car on the way to an evening children’s club.  It takes place after a problem with one of the seat belts and makes the driver feel a part of history! Mother: Well, when I was … Continue reading

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A New Sound.

Last week, I was struck by the importance of North Coast Church turning over a new page aswell as a new page in our lives being turned.  But this week what overwhelmed me was the sense of a new sound.  … Continue reading

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Eeeeewe!!! Some firsts from this first week.

Our eldest helped deliver a lamb this evening.  The mother had been struggling in labour all afternoon so the farmer decided to bring her in and help her.  Something wasn’t right.  The lamb was all muddled up inside the ewe.  … Continue reading

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A Play – with phones.

Peaceful One:  (picking up the telephone)  Hello.  Yes…who’s there? Telephone:  Hmmm… Peaceful One:  Hello!  Hello!  Who is it? Telephone:  Hmmm… Peaceful One:  Hello!   Yes, I go to Evie’s house. Telephone:   Please hang up and try again. Peaceful One:  Hello…Hello.  Yes. Telephone:   … Continue reading

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A Play.

One Who Searches For Wisdom:  Mum, do you know what the oldest thing on earth is? Mother: (disengaging herself from her book)  Sorry, what did you say? One Who Searches For Wisdom:  What is the oldest thing on earth? Mother:  … Continue reading

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A New Way of Communicating.

I’ve been mentally exploring the world of blogging today, while moving horses.  In this current climate of diverse communication, I conclude that blogging is a form of personal journalism.  It is the personal media exposure of self, if that’s what we … Continue reading

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