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A Dish of Vegetables

  Confession time! I remember a short period of time when mine and my brother’s bedroom was divided by this strange wooden divider. The layout of our room was regularly changed. It was my spontaneous mother’s way. She often refreshed … Continue reading

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Always Learning

It’s time to make our home a home again instead of a passing place. We have been riding the high seas of frenetic activity and tonight marks the conclusion of that journey. I’m waiting for Tim to come home, put … Continue reading

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Daft Dogs and Darling Teens

It was wet and windy.  Should I be surprised?  No!  This is Wales.  It was the eve of Longshanks’ birthday and he was energised by anticipation.  It was the last day left to move the sheep.  These were the perfect … Continue reading

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Chatsworth 2015

I stressed.  I nagged.  I flapped.  I worried.  I fretted.  I didn’t want to go.  Dapplebum was a pickle and played up when the children schooled him.  We changed his bit.  He played up.  Longshanks long reined, and long reined … Continue reading

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Starting Small

The children have been exercising themselves and Little-legs today by building a make shift obstacle course. This is to help Little-legs with his steering. He loved the mental challenge. It is finally feeling like Summer and a little bit of … Continue reading

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Long Reining in the Long Rain

What has happened to the days of wearing shorts and sharing music out of wound-down car windows? Where is summer? The greenery suggests it is here. The need to fill jerry cans with petrol for the lawn mower is here, … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Monnington

I was awake at 4.30am, listening to the dawn chorus, both mornings. On the first morning, it was not the birdsong that woke me but worry. What had I done? We are so new to this carriage driving adventure that … Continue reading

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