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Not Misleading Worship

Watching God set off explosions of creativity around our country is so exciting. Like fireworks, I think He enjoys our “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” as we marvel at His amazing workmanship. It is one of His hallmarks of our time. He is … Continue reading

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Always Learning

It’s time to make our home a home again instead of a passing place. We have been riding the high seas of frenetic activity and tonight marks the conclusion of that journey. I’m waiting for Tim to come home, put … Continue reading

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I Am “With Book”

Child-left remnants of lunch pushed aside are the spoils of a familiar way of life. I am comfortable with it. It is the territory I have lived in for a long time; life lived to meet the needs of little … Continue reading

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The Dying Art of Letter Writing

What is it to receive a hand written letter?  It’s a rarity!  More so it is a greater rarity to write one.  And in the wake of letter writing is a great void followed then by a crowd of various … Continue reading

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A New Song

I find myself so desperate for a new song and sound that says “This is God, listen up!”.  I loved the sense of peace, contentment and wholeness that was found as we met on Sunday, but I’m so hungry for … Continue reading

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“Oh Help! It’s Organised Chaos!”

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed!  I don’t understand how four out of the six of us have managed to turn the house quite so upside down in one day.  There  are clothes everywhere, lists, rucksacks, Bibles, notebooks, wellington boots, waterproofs, sleeping … Continue reading

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Making the Mundane Matter

George Sinker wrote a little book and dedicated it to his wife. To MY OWN MARTHA Whom He loves And I love too from her husband who tries to understand He writes: The object of this book is to try … Continue reading

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Well…that was a different day. Tim had a meeting with the Bishop that conveniently coincided location and time with the little one’s riding lesson.  We then had a little wait afterwards while Tim finished his meeting with the Bishop and … Continue reading

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Childhood Theology

I have collected together a few expressions from children that show their wonderful grasp of God and life.  These are all absolutely genuine, with quotes from my own children and the children of friends I was at school with. Child: … Continue reading

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Declaration of Hope

I’ve just had the wonderful privilege of playing, yet again, with the All Souls Orchestra in the Royal Albert Hall.  It was a fabulous concert, in an amazing venue that was filled with the most incredible sound all with the … Continue reading

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