Family Anecdotes

This blog is to give a little view into the life of our household through short anecdotes.  I want to explore creative communication and try to improve my ability to write well.

Who are we?  We are a Christian family living in Wales on the side of a hill.  Behind the hill is the coastline of the Irish Sea and from our hill we can see the mountains of Snowdonia.

My husband and I married, in ’98, while we were both still studying music at University and our life together, thus far, has been a wonderful adventure.  We have four lovely children, two boys and two girls.  The upbringing of these will be our greatest achievement together and with all intents on taking that task seriously, I home educate them.

We have numerous animals.  They come and go, as the lifespan of a chicken is not as great as the lifespan of a dog.  And we have a little bit of land to enjoy being creative with.

All these combine to make some colourful anecdotes of family life that make up this blog.

I am also slowly wriggling my way through creating another blog that is mainly poetry: http://throughthelettuce.wordpress.com/

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