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Porthdinllaen – Episode 2

This was written by our eldest (age 11). Beach Holiday I was getting into bed. It was late, I had been at church since 4:30-10:30 at Kids Alive and Kinetic. As I took my socks off, I noticed sand in-between my … Continue reading

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Tuesday, Wednesday and a Story

I’ve stopped the youngest having riding lessons for the winter.  She’s doing really well but I felt that we’re neglecting our own dear equine.  With the short winter days around the corner, I reckoned more time needed to be made … Continue reading

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Making the Mundane Matter – No. 3

It’s been a while since I last posted a post on Making the Mundane Matter taken from my little book by George Sinker, so I thought it was time for the: Third Contact DRESSING: “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 13:14 … Continue reading

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Strange Saturday

Youngest is bitten by a spider. Two armed response teams, one undercover and two normal police cars arrive over nothing illegal. Tim attends a coffee morning with two of our children, and the Secretary of State for Wales, while I … Continue reading

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What to Do in a Half-Hour Break Time?

No 1: No 2. No 3. No 4. I’m glad it’s such a beautiful day so the children can enjoy the outdoors, this afternoon, when their friends come to play.

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After doing a project, yesterday, on ‘Scriveners and the Development of The Printing Press’ (a good excuse to start reading Cynthia Harnett’s “A Load of Unicorn” together), looking at illuminated letters and calligraphy, we had a go at embroidering some … Continue reading

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My Penny Worth of Opinion on the Welsh Assembly Government Proposals to Legislate Home Education in Wales

I rarely chose to write about political issues but this is one so close to my heart that I need an outlet for my observation and opinion, and I stress that this is just that, personal opinion and observation. Currently, … Continue reading

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Wonderful Words

Tim, on his way to play badminton tells me that his badminton partner had contacted him to ask if they wanted to meet ten minutes early to do some stretches together before they played, but he told his badminton partner … Continue reading

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Farmer Boy’s Harvest

I only helped him plant them.  He did all the rest.

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It’s Autumn! Time to clear and sweep away the dead leaves ready for the dormancy of winter. Only we’ve been clearing old boxes in the garage to save stuff rotting away for another year and Tim is repairing a leak … Continue reading

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