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Observations That Don’t Make Sense

Indulging in classic procrastinating antics, I sit to write instead of tidying this place called home. I want to record some things I observe. It has been a busy week that passed me by and now I feel the foot … Continue reading

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God is the Interpreter of the Dream

I have a dream.  No!  Not a Martin Luther-King dream, just a now dream; an impossible dream.  It’s a dream that seems to have found me, rather than I dreamt it up myself.  It seems to have presented itself and … Continue reading

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It’s Autumn! Time to clear and sweep away the dead leaves ready for the dormancy of winter. Only we’ve been clearing old boxes in the garage to save stuff rotting away for another year and Tim is repairing a leak … Continue reading

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Rhodesian Revelation

Last night, I dreamt I had reason to return.  I took the children with me and my husband too and though we had flown, the flight never featured. Jemimah, my youngest, sat with a stick, drawing in the dust.  I … Continue reading

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