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Miracles Do Happen

40 years ago, I entered this world. I was born, yes, but I was also put on one side to die. Put in an incubator, I was not expected last the night and the doctor (who had been prevented from … Continue reading

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Observations That Don’t Make Sense

Indulging in classic procrastinating antics, I sit to write instead of tidying this place called home. I want to record some things I observe. It has been a busy week that passed me by and now I feel the foot … Continue reading

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Collecting and Recollecting

It was not smell of a cooked breakfast that roused the household this morning.  That was yesterday. We thought we were in for a relaxing slow start to the day, but oh no!  That was not the way it was … Continue reading

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Rhodesian Revelation

Last night, I dreamt I had reason to return.  I took the children with me and my husband too and though we had flown, the flight never featured. Jemimah, my youngest, sat with a stick, drawing in the dust.  I … Continue reading

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