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Talks Too Much

Today, I received these in the post! My school reports from Peterhouse and St Andrew’s prep. They are hilarious! Spanning my years as a 5-7 year old, they make for interesting reading. Yes, “talks too much and plays around in … Continue reading

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Surprise Me!

Last week, I was surprised to taste a flavour of grief for this man. I was remembering his gentlemanly manners and kindness to others. My grief was that my children had never had the time to experience this. It is … Continue reading

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A Man of Many Cufflinks and a Small Town Celebrity

We were waiting for Daddy in our usual Tuesday afternoon Library time. There were a couple of young girls in blue and grey school uniform, rather enthusiastically bouncing around the library. They flitted in and out of the children’s section, … Continue reading

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It’s Autumn! Time to clear and sweep away the dead leaves ready for the dormancy of winter. Only we’ve been clearing old boxes in the garage to save stuff rotting away for another year and Tim is repairing a leak … Continue reading

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A Break from the Mundane – the Unexpected!

A discussion with a friend about her impending wedding led to talk about realistic and unrealistic expectations.  This conversation I relayed in gist to Tim and he said emphatically “I didn’t have unrealistic expectations before we got married!”  I laughed … Continue reading

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Verse 19, Chapter 27 in the Book of Proverbs says “As water reflects the face so one’s life reflects the heart.” While we all have memories of how Granny lived her life that show what her heart was like, I … Continue reading

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And a Birthday

Ouma knew of something she wanted, that wasn’t on the Birthday list.  The only thing is, she wanted a real live one, but was delighted with a pretend one!  I don’t want a real one and nor do the chickens.

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Summer Hath Spoken

Forget the Jubilee, it would seem that a celebration of summer has spontaneously taken place in this house, this week.  We’ll keep Jubilee Celebrations to the weekend designated.  These are some anecdotes from our celebration of summer, to date. The … Continue reading

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Production by The Cottage Puppet Company

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Making Memories

Easter holidays began today!  Hooray!  And the children had friends over to play.  It was a day of relaxed productivity for me. The continuation of the elephant I’m making for our youngest: Only, she keeps pinching it and playing with … Continue reading

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