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Well…that was a different day. Tim had a meeting with the Bishop that conveniently coincided location and time with the little one’s riding lesson.  We then had a little wait afterwards while Tim finished his meeting with the Bishop and … Continue reading

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I Was Almost Made Redundant

With the election results concluded, my husband has been putting his slippered feet up, growing a beard and reading John Le Carre and an obscure book on cats! We have joined in the relaxation by adding a couple of days … Continue reading

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And So It Was…

…that the day went like this: Morning boys! Keep still, Fly.  I can’t get a decent picture of you! Then the girls went off for the day with aunts and cousins while one of the boys compiled his own magazine … Continue reading

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Making Memories

Easter holidays began today!  Hooray!  And the children had friends over to play.  It was a day of relaxed productivity for me. The continuation of the elephant I’m making for our youngest: Only, she keeps pinching it and playing with … Continue reading

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