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I am Much Amused

Throughout the last couple of years I have revisited again and again the story of Jesus feeding more than five thousand people in one sitting. Elements of the story continually inspire me but this last week in reading it to … Continue reading

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Of Salt, Driving, Finding North, Rings and Things

I’m supposed to be writing an essay that in six years time will have contributed to helping me gain another degree, but I’m just pausing for thought to reflect on the slightly more unusual events of recent days. Daddy quizzed … Continue reading

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Stubborn Courage

I find myself fixed on the phrase “Stubborn Courage”. The idea of having stubborn courage has completely captured me and from the Monastery Ministry of Motherhood and the cloisters of my kitchen, I have decided that 2013 is the year … Continue reading

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Dress Sense of Humour

As we are on the brow of descent from Autumn to Winter, I thought it was foolish our little one was putting some shorts on, the other morning.  In true mother fashion, I told her so. “Umm…I don’t think today … Continue reading

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“This Is God’s Will…”

It’s just so simple!  Why have I never seen it before? Yesterday morning as I finished my Bible study I noticed these verses at the bottom of the page on my journal: 1 Thess. 5:16-18.  We always quote John 11:35 … Continue reading

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“Oh Help! It’s Organised Chaos!”

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed!  I don’t understand how four out of the six of us have managed to turn the house quite so upside down in one day.  There  are clothes everywhere, lists, rucksacks, Bibles, notebooks, wellington boots, waterproofs, sleeping … Continue reading

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Making the Mundane Matter – No. 2

Second Contact THE BATHROOM: WASHING AND BATHING “Jesus said unto him, ‘Go, wash…’  He went away therefore and washed, and came seeing.”   John 9:7 Jesus bids us wash.  But to Him it was always the sacrament of a clean … Continue reading

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