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Under the Weather

The wind has stopped bullying us and cooled its temper (so we have Internet and a phone line again) and the snow line is creeping closer.  The next band of hill has icing sugar on top.  I think by tonight … Continue reading

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For the Home School Record

Today, we start a new syllabus with three of our four youngsters.   And first thing is a field trip to B&Q.  I know!  Why B&Q?  It’s a maths/science project on light bulbs.  We shall be data collecting.  How many different … Continue reading

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Am I supposed to be writing essays?  Yes! Am I getting distracted? Yes! But somehow it is suddenly imperative that I record these funnies from the family. Rich Tea Boy while on a car journey: “I have just seen a … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Feel a Whole Lot Different – this Christmas

I detect a change in the Christmas culture of our home as Miss Puddleduck hands me a note.   It says “Dear Mum, Can I have Frozen (with the capital F back to front) Peppa Pig Clothes please? Love …. [Miss … Continue reading

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More Unusual

These are the more unusual things we have encountered this week: 1. Chilli con carne soup 2. A nativity scene – with two babies and a headless shepherd.  I heard Tim chuckling to himself as he set it up while … Continue reading

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Puppies are Destructive

The nights are drawing in, and tonight so mild. Why? I don’t know. This I do know. As we travel to and from afternoon activities and the dark closes in the children talk more in the car, and the conversations … Continue reading

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So by lunchtime today, in a week where the days have flown too fast, I find the kitchen has been hit by a bomb of oats.   The girls are clearing the fall out and have just presented us all with … Continue reading

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