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It’s a Funny Feeling

It’s a funny feeling watching them grow.  It’s a funny feeling seeing how independent they’re becoming.  It’s a funny feeling knowing that the sand in the egg timer has dropped another level closer to the day they leave home.  It’s … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up

We were discussing all the funny things the children said they want to be when the grow up.  There were some corkers.  Longshanks has pretty much always wanted to be farmer.  At one time, though it was a stud farmer … Continue reading

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Going from Exasperating to Hilarious

So we now have a teenager in the house. These are the years I have really been looking forward to parenting. However, my observation of living with a nearly teen, so far, have been that the said youngster can be … Continue reading

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Collecting and Recollecting

It was not smell of a cooked breakfast that roused the household this morning.  That was yesterday. We thought we were in for a relaxing slow start to the day, but oh no!  That was not the way it was … Continue reading

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The Birds and the Bees

Yesterday, we took the children to an aviary. Miss Puddleduck was most intrigued by the fledglings. Last week, I took the three older ones to an apiary, with some other homeschooled children. This trip prompted a comment from Son No. … Continue reading

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Found in The Old Briefcase

Yesterday’s art lesson with the children prompted one of them to make enquiries of me. Did I enjoy painting when I was little? The question sent me rooting through my Papa’s old briefcase (Briefcase 1, Briefcase 2, Briefcase 3) where … Continue reading

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Rhodesian Revelation

Last night, I dreamt I had reason to return.  I took the children with me and my husband too and though we had flown, the flight never featured. Jemimah, my youngest, sat with a stick, drawing in the dust.  I … Continue reading

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