Decaying Decade

Like the dying sun in an old world, in The Magician’s Nephew, the decade of the 2010s sinks and I, as is the trend, have to look at it again and summarise all that has been. One single decade makes a big difference in our lives and much happens but when we look at time as a whole it’s a different perspective. In history, we notice only the big things and mark significant events for the year they occurred in, not the day and month. Time and tides stand still for no man – so true! For us as a family, the 2010s or 20-teens have merged children into teenagers and launched one into adulthood. I love the fact that I have kept a blog during these years. For me alone it makes treasured reading.

2019 proved such a significant change for us that it brought has us into a new era of lifestyle and made me wonder if those blogging years are now done. However, I am so pleased that I chose to write about our way of life before, what with the serious and nonsense mix of it all.

What significant things happened in each year, I wonder?

2010 – The first complete year of Tim’s solo piano album having been on sale and the year Boffin began wearing glasses.

2011 – Tim took on the leadership of the church in Towyn. It was also the year of Tim’s climbing accident, the launch of my blog and our visit to the Queen’s garden party.

2012 – Tim was mayor. The Queen’s Jubilee and Olympics took place. Tim and I travelled to Africa together for the first time. Carriage driving began.

2013 – Lots of horses, carriage driving lesson, mountains, outdoor exploring, home schooling and family fun. The children were all baptised in the sea.

2014 – Lots more carriage driving and meeting wonderful people, while Longshanks was awarded the BDS Junior Scholarship. We took on the leadership of Festival Church.

2015 –  Longshanks drove in front of the Queen. Jackson did his first lot of driven shows. Miss Friendship also won the Junior Scholarship. Frodo arrived!

2016 – The refurbishment of the church building was completed and the coffee shop opened. Boffin started school. Longshanks left home to start an apprenticeship. My novel was published.

2017 – We had our first gathering of our Family of Churches, now Festival Churches. Miss Puddleduck scared us all with her hospital visit. Tim and I travelled to S.A., Zambia and Switzerland. Longshanks returned home to study agriculture.

2018 – Tim stopped working in politics and started working full time for church, now a necessity as a result of growth. I expanded to teaching as a peripatetic, did my first open water swim event and was later diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes. I also took our first missions team from all the churches out to Zambia. Longshanks became an adult and entered the workplace. Boffin began sixth form.

2019 – We sold our small holding, leaving Longshanks in his own home, moved to the city and had our first overseas holiday as a family – Venice!

Next up is 2020 and a whole new decade ahead!

I’m looking forward to this.



About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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