Dissertation and All ‘Dat’ Jazz

I am just putting the finishing touches to my dissertation, determined to turn it in before the deadline. This is a personal pride issue to prove to myself that I have grown up since my first degree – where my dissertation was hastily written, last minute and bound on the day it was due in. Needless to say it wasn’t very good and I am not sure that the quality of this current one is up to much either, but I have loved the research: perhaps a little too much! There have been many ‘Yes’ moments as I read a bit of information, succintly put, that ticks a box for what I want to know. And meeting Comenius…what a guy!

I am tanked up with knowledge (too much) that has caused much excitement in the gathering, but the writing…sigh. Making it relevant and keeping it tightly aligned to my topic has been hard! I still can’t see the wood for the trees to know if what I have written works.

However, after what feels like a full academic year of not writing, I have had an excuse, no, a reason to write and that’s been good. This past year has been one of outdoor activity, fitness, sandwich making, new teaching opportunities, travel mugs, open water swimming, taxi driving, early mornings, shop deliveries, routine, feeling average, and – of course – family adventures. You cannot be married to the man I am married to and not experience adventures. But the result is that I have been far too busy living at a different pace to mess around with words. And yet under this facade rumbles a deep desire to write again. Clear blue skies and lots of thinking time on my way to and from work sets my imagination into motion, only I haven’t allowed myself to runaway with novel ideas until this dissertation is done. And then, I wonder, when it is done how do I balance this new found active lifestyle with a sedantry writing one?

This writing time has shown me how easily biscuit consumption returns to break up the day. While I have been confined to my ancient desk in my tower, my belly-biscuit-pouch has filled a little. The frustration at my lack of time to swim has become a strange new hunger in me, gnawing away on the inside. I feel like my muscles are wasting away.

My next challenge is therefore a matter of balance: how to strike an even keel. Can I find a suitable exercise activity that could become my substitute snack for writing breaks? Or is there a time of day that could become routine writing time, fitting into the flurry of daily activity? Hmmm…Maybe my creative energy should be put into making this work before I begin on grand new projects. Let’s watch and see and if the blog comes alive again, then something must be being done ‘write’!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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