Always Learning

It’s time to make our home a home again instead of a passing place. We have been riding the high seas of frenetic activity and tonight marks the conclusion of that journey. I’m waiting for Tim to come home, put on a suit and return to the counting house to learn who will represent our constituency in the Assembly.

Joseph was a shave and change-of-clothes away from significant leadership and I wonder if my brother-in-law is in that place, tonight, having put himself forward as a candidate. Equally, as a family we could be riding the breaker of a wave that will crash upon a new shore. We might wake up in the morning to find that our way of life has changed. It will be very different for us if Tim’s boss is not re-elected. It will be very significant for our area if both he and my brother-in-law are elected.

With a quiet confidence, I remember to trust and not rely on my own intellect to work things out. This is one of those occasions where you cannot predict the outcome. Democracy fulfils its own purpose while we trust.

Miss Puddleduck reminded me, we should not worry and I don’t. Her interpretation of Matt 6:28;29 was pure genius.
“Don’t worry about what you will wear because you are more beautiful than a flower.”
“Thanks, my girl!”
She also told me she might have to sell her pony to earn enough guineas to become an actress. Guineas? For a child who struggles with expressive language, I would love to know where she got that word from!

These last few weeks have been hectic but beautiful and these last few days have seen the germination of hard work and faith.

I crept into bed in the early hours of this morning full of gratitude for the privilege of participating in an outstanding project that will have enormous impact. My part was tiny and yet to come alongside musicians I had never even met, let alone played with, felt like a huge risk. After turning down an escalating number of invitations to play my violin in various settings – because I didn’t feel comfortable with them, after struggling with insecurity in my identity as a musician, yet again, after soul searching and God searching for His purpose in my musicianship, from the depth of exploring a different sound in acoustic worship while not gathering in our church building, came an invitation I felt I couldn’t say no to. It was an “Okay! (Gulp) I surrender” moment and they are the best.

It was a beautiful thing to be aligned with such annointed and talented musicians. The project is better described and captured here than I can express.

Knowing it would be a hectic time I chose to travel home through the night, last night, after the event. Tim’s alarm at 6.30 this morning was disorientating to say the least. I tried to go back to sleep but was aware of the clatter of children breaking their fast. Eventually, Longshanks called to me, “Mum! When do you intend to get up?”


That’s a reversal of roles!

But of course, it was an important horses day. His bags were packed and he was ready. At 9 we left to take him to a National Driving Trials event – another 2.5 hours on the road and it was a gorgeous day. Who has switched summer on? I’m sure it was winter last week.

It is with more gratitude that I observe a more mature attitude as Longshanks steps into a new season in his life. Today I noticed his joy in the opportunities he has to serve as part of a wonderful team and it pleased me. He loves what he does and that love motivates him.

Love motivates me too!

Having dropped him off, we came home by a different route and I made time for some teachable moments for the other three. We stopped at Ironbridge for a quick reconnoitre around the Industrial Revolution. There was time for only a brief glimpse before heading home for the girls’ hockey lesson.

Time to rest now and see what tomorrow brings. At least it will bring a few days of rest! Tim has promised to treat himself to having the piano tuned and to losing himself in some new music. I’m looking foward to that. Meanwhile, I shall make our home a home again, a home of learning.


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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