I’m Not Shouting “Plonker” in a Public Place

Today began with two cups of tea in bed.  Now that is Saturday morning decadence, and let’s face it, does not happen very often.  It then became a “home-made-sock-day”.  I resort to wearing my own-knit socks when I have no other pairs and I have no other pairs because the washing back-log is held up by the clothes drying facilities taking three days to do their job.  As everyone (or almost everyone) in the household seems to be in the same predicament, it was said aloud that perhaps we do need a tumble-drier after all.  My high-horse, named “We don’t need a tumble drier”, that I have been successfully riding, for a long time now, has just stumbled.  Was this Saturday going to be a new-tumble-drier-hunting day?  Oh no!

Our plans for this Saturday had been to do some sermon prep and writing and with the rain pouring the outlook was for an indoor sort of day.  However…!  Someone said keep checking the website.  That someone was the lady from the rescue centre, who came to do our house check yesterday.  Someone decided to check the website this morning while enjoying the second cup of tea in bed.  Someone saw two highly suitable candidates.  Someone suggested a family trip to the rescue centre.  Someone discovered that one of the highly suitable candidates had already gone, which only left the other suitable candidate.  This was the one that almost caused a marital dispute as my wonderful husband said we are not having one of those.  They are nutters.

We met the nutter and he is a rather gorgeous nutter!  There wasn’t any dispute when we saw him.

Between showers of rain decisions were made.  We returned home for lunch and then went back again, taking our Old Man and Old Lady to meet him.  Introductions were remarkable and we realised that where others have struggled to pull this youngster in line our Old Man accomplished it with one snap.  Even though we know we’re taking on a challenge, we know our Old Man and Old Lady will help enormously as well as the expanse of land around us that he can run on.  By tonight, as a family we sat at supper discussing possible names.  Whoever came up with the idea of calling him “Plonker” is one!  I am not shouting that out in a public place.  His new name will be decided by the time he gets here, on Thursday.

When, yesterday, I said to the lady doing the house check “I would love to have a ………..!”  I never believed we’d get one.  (Oh ye of little faith!)

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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1 Response to I’m Not Shouting “Plonker” in a Public Place

  1. Seymour says:

    Hmmm … reminds me of when ‘Florence’ came to live with us 😉

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