It is 3.33pm.  That moment when I remember the promise that we can call and ask and He will teach us about the great unsearchable mysteries we usually struggle to understand – Jeremiah 33.3.  A relationship involves communication.   Communication involves effort and intention.

I read this blog post this week and thought what a great idea for communicating with your growing youngsters.   I couldn’t imagine doing it with my boys, mind, but could with my girls.  It has challenged me to think of creatively making a space where my boys do feel safe to talk of the things they might hide in their hearts or feel too shy to say in an everyday context.

We’re most definitely riding the more tumultuous seas of teen years which are exciting but also unexpected.  

Their interests and pursuits have had us travelling all over the place. Somehow we have done more ‘Road’ schooling than I perceived we’d ever do this year.  It has been wonderful to see so much of British countryside.  We’re getting good at clothes washing and bag packing.

I am enjoying a quick cup of tea while this autumn sun and subtle wind finish drying the last of the clothes.  I was thinking today how much I love the elaborate washing line that my husband recently put up for me.  These were surprising thoughts for my domestically rebelious mind. 

Yesterday,  I was treated to an evening MRI scan after an early morning phonecall to change the time of my appointment.   I thought I would find it very stressful…!  Not at all!  I found it quite funny.  The nurse who told me to strip to my knickers and put “this gown” on looked like a student.  His “bedside manner” with me was very different to how he was with the elderly patient before me.  He seemed surprised when he offered for me to listen to the radio during the scan and I opted for Classic FM.  It was a bit loud!  Being in the MRI scanner reminded me of being in aeroplane.  Lots of noise and motion but you hadn’t got a clue what it was all for.  It was a lot less anxiety inducing than I thought.  My biggest concern was, “What happens if I sneeze?”

Well, now my tea is finished, this post is written. The washing needs checking and that’s enough domestic rebellion from me. I now need to continue packing, preparing for “road school” and cultivating healthy communication with my teens who have been asking what happens if the MRI scan shows that there is nothing in my head – as in “nothing at all”.  As if?! That’s a no-brainer! They must have found some domestic rebellion in there somewhere.


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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