Long Reining in the Long Rain

What has happened to the days of wearing shorts and sharing music out of wound-down car windows? Where is summer? The greenery suggests it is here. The need to fill jerry cans with petrol for the lawn mower is here, but where is the sun and the warm days? I met a lady in a woolly hat, scarf and gloves today. She was a wise woman. She needed them.

After a lovely half-term we jumped straight back into our timetabled routine of term time. Mondays begin with horse time for my youngsters who are that way inclined. It meant long reining Little-Legs in the rain. The children could not get over how responsive he is now that the dentist has been. She said that his teeth, though the youngest of our ponies she was seeing to, were the most in need of being seen. Longshanks had got very upset with us trying to train Little-Legs before he had been seen by the dentist. Longshanks was convinced Little-Legs’ teeth were bothering him and Longhshanks was right. Now…he’s so sweet, and really wants to please. It must be so much easier for him.

The children talked through all the gems of new things they had learned at Camp as we got Little-Legs ready and it was lovely to hear them consolidating their knowledge verbally and putting it into practice. But the weather was off-putting and we didn’t stick at it for long preferring tack-room, yard and tack cleaning under-shelter, instead.

Back into routine again had that settling effect on us all that seems to provoke much laughter. Why, when we settle back, is that always the way? I’ve written about it before. It must be the comfort of familiar rhythms. Here we are half way through the year and again I find myself celebrating the fact that my children are growing in the unique confidence of knowing who they are. I love seeing them develop, mature, rise to meet challenges and respond well, learn wisdom, be themselves, and above all share a sense of humour. I guess some time away over half term has escalated that sense of development and now that we’re back together again there is a deeper appreciation of each other.

The rain came to stay today and dribbled and blustered an accompaniment down the windows as the children did written work. Longshanks kicked against the boundaries all the time, like restlessly swinging his feet against the rung of his chair, with his “Why do I need to be able to multiply fractions anyway?”. He made me laugh. Rich Tea Boy shared incredible facts about the monarch butterfly that were hard to believe. Miss Friendship told me, as she was preparing for her ballet lesson, the verses from her Bible reading that really meant something special to her. Miss Puddleduck got on placidly with her work and barely said a thing all afternoon. I sewed.

Dad came home for lunch and walked the track, leaving the car parked at the end. I had warned him it was like Picadilly Circus on the yard. We had a lot of men in fluorescent jackets, with pick-ups, mini-diggers, lorries and vans putting new poles in for our phone line. Finally! After six months of wrangling with our broadband company we appear to now have internet that is not dependent upon fine weather. I might even manage to upload the photos on my camera from Christmas! In fact, while the rain pours outside and the wind blows like it is winter we have consistent broadband. This is luxury. Whenever I make comments like that I always think to myself “I am such a product of first world problems”! For some people having a decent broadband connection is the least and last thing they would be concerned about.

I found much to encourage me today, despite the lack of sun. This is summer and summer I love. I hope it is a good one!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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