School in the Swing and Things

It really is no chore to take my lovely husband to the station first thing in the morning when the station’s neighbour welcomes us like this!


Having wished him well for the day, I returned home to see the Carneddau had pulled a hood of cloud over its haunches in an autumnal attitude.  But it was such a beautiful morning.  Miss Friendship and I made the most of it and took Steady Eddie and Madam out.  Steady Eddie is proving to be a great blessing now his feet are better.  


You can even blackberry pick from his back!

I popped Madam back in the field while Miss Friendship rode Steady Eddie back to the stables.   There was Longshanks removing the sticky burdock bobbles from Dapple-bum’s mane. Morning chores were in full swing. I left them to it and went in to read with Miss Puddleduck. Today is a read aloud day for her where instead of her reading to me, I read to her. So I picked up the book we were reading together last term. With her aspirations to be an Indian (unrealistic? Yes! I know, but she’s only little) we were reading Elizabeth George Spear’s “The Sign of the Beaver”. But we left it in the summer with no book mark and I had no recollection of where we were up to. This must be my third or fourth time of reading it aloud. So I asked Miss Puddleduck if she could remember. “He’d been stung by bees,” she said. Well that’s a very important part of the story. We all remember that bit. Then she said “No kneeling.” And she was spot on. The main character, Matt, is trying to teach an Indian who saved his life, how to read – specifically Robinson Crusoe. The Indian takes offence at man Friday submitting to Robinson Crusoe by kneeling and leaves Matt’s cabin in anger. That was exactly where we were up to.

I had been wondering on my way back up the track from leaving Madam in the bottom field, how effective reading aloud to Miss Puddleduck is. I was wondering how much she actually takes in. Now I know! She never fails to surprise me.

Today she has dressed herself in three vests. I think the Carneddau must have communicated a frowning warning to her from underneath that hood of cloud especially as the whole coastline has now pulled a blanket of cloud over itself. It’s broken its promise to be a cheerful day. Oh well, it is Autumn, after all.

While we were reading, Rich Tea boy kept interrupting with interesting facts about the elements – his chemistry study – but his pronunciation of platinum began to irritate me. He makes it sound very musical but very wrong…”platunium”. He only said it like that when he read it so I am guessing that his mind was playing tricks on him.

Miss Friendship came in from the horses and continued with her creative writing, shortly followed by Longshanks, who made me a cup of coffee before setting off on an exploratory journey through his maths work. I love the fact he is loving his new maths book.

Miss Friendship is working her way through a lovely interactive book that helps develop structure in story writing. When the penny drops the action follows and this book really makes sense to her. So she is becoming cleverly productive on the writing front.

A strange noise interrupted the proceedings. It sounded like a squeaky toy being squeezed and came from the garden. We stopped to investigate. There is was again. Aha! Miss Puddleduck’s Sable Poots are trying to crow!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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