Of Dads and Daughters

Last night, I accompanied Longshanks on his daily drive.  It was another around the obstacles in the field exercise.  Around?  Well, steering is a bit of an issue at a trot and thankfully the obstacles are only old tyres as I’ve watched him plough straight over some. 

Miss Puddleduck came too with her own self devised check list.  She ticked off the things Longshanks did correctly and drew a picture of Dapple-bum pulling the carriage.   It was very sweet to hear Longshanks encouraging Miss Puddleduck.   He told her that her drawing was very good.  I had a look later, and if you ignored the dragon-like perspective of the pony, it was a very good drawing.


But just before we set off, I had a moment of thinking I was in a film.  It felt surreal,  for from the open windows floated the sound of some beautiful music.  Daddy and Miss Friendship were practising for her exam and it did sound lovely.  They have been rehearsing together lots as the exam approaches and she always seems to settle in confidence when he accompanies her.  The exam is today, but I been reflecting on what a privilege it is to have her father as her accompanist.  I was trying to imagine what it might have been like if my father had been mine.

I’ve already told Miss Friendship that by taking the exam when she is ten, she’s already doing better than I ever did.   I took my grade 3 when I was at senior school.  My father wasn’t able to accompany me, but he did give me a love and understanding of Chemistry that meant I would help all my friends at school when they struggled with their Chemistry homework.  That said, I miss his expertise in being able to inspire Rich Tea Boy.

Going with Dad to her exam will be good.  I think they’re ready!


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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