So Much to Say and So Little Time

Welcome Summer and “Welcome June”!  You are always very welcome in this household.  We do love you! 

It is whole month since I last wrote an update or family anecdote.  That is because we’ve been having so much fun.

Summer camp with the children was fabulous.  The rain held off and Tim welcomed me home with the phrase “Hello, Red Face”, so though there was no apparent sun the cloud cover was thin enough for me to get sun burnt.

The children learnt lots and loved every minute.
My three are standing here with a lady I first knew when I was a little older than Miss Puddleduck but younger than Miss Friendship and who I last saw when I was about Longshanks’ age.  It amazes me how our paths have crossed again in such a completely different sphere and part of Britain. 

Tents, camp fire, marshmallows, ponies, a beautiful Friesan pair and lots of lovely driving experience later, camp was hailed as an all round success and my youngsters were reluctant to leave.

image Oh! And Miss Puddleduck and that Nanny McPhee tooth parted company the following day as I washed her face with a flannel.

“Mum! My tooth!” She said mid-face wash. So I stopped rubbing and she picked the tooth off the flannel. Oops! – Rough stuff from Mum.

Term has continued with trips out and about.  We capitalise on the weather in the Summer term and tend to do less written work in the place of visits.  So we visited Parys Mountain.  It was once the biggest copper mine in the world and it was the investment that the fortunes of our very local Kimmel Estate rose on.  Parys Mountain was a fascinating array of geological colour and to visit it with a geologist proved a smart move!  We learnt lots.

We also went and explored Dunham Massey while the National Trust have transformed it into the Stamford Military Hospital, as it would have been during World War I.  This is a brilliant exhibition and well worth a visit.  We’ve not been to Dunham Massey before but while we were there we utilised the croquet lawn with a borrowed croquet set and I relived some of my childhood fun as I taught my tiddlywinks how to play.  I am considering hunting out a set for our lawn.  Tim has other ideas and had us all playing golf yesterday.  Croquet technique and golf don’t seem compatible – I didn’t do very well.

All made possible through the amazing help of amazing people we have also had a busy time with our family favourite pony Jackson.

This was him 5 years ago when he joined our family.
He was three years old and Longshanks was seven. 

Yesterday they took big new steps together.

I am excited to see how they go together down this open road.

Miss Friendship has something to report. She has a new friend.  She has been given the opportunity to exercise Ollie, who needed a rider.  The boost in her confidence has been immense.

She has also been enjoying exercising Seren as much as possible and this is something she can do quite independently.


Why do we love summer so much, because it gives us the chance to be out and about. Tim and his friend Paul completed the epic challenge of Snowdonia’s 15 peaks in 17hrs 50mins and horrible weather conditions. Thanks to the rain, wind and fog they were denied any of the beautiful views. They did it while it was still officially Spring.

Summer – be good, please!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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  1. Seymour says:

    I’m not sure I recognise the lady. Is it ADW?

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