Going from Exasperating to Hilarious

So we now have a teenager in the house. These are the years I have really been looking forward to parenting. However, my observation of living with a nearly teen, so far, have been that the said youngster can be either hilarious or exasperating with little variance.   He is neither a little hilarious and a little bit exasperating but either one or the other in extremes.

On a Monday, mad Monday as we call it, because of the Longshanks-to-work, Miss Friendship-to-orchestra, Miss Puddleduck-to-ballet, Rich Tea Boy-to-athletics taxi runs, Longshanks has the job of putting the shopping away after I drop the shopping and run a taxi service to the orchestra bus.  Last Monday, I, for some reason or other, had more time than usual at home and was able to observe the shopping redistribution technique he has adopted.

As a tin of tomatoes went flying past my feet, followed by a bag of rice and packet of biscuits, I figured his technique is unique. I then saw a block of cheese zoom across the floor and come to rest in front of the fridge. Thus he emptied the shopping bag without moving his feet and then went to the respective piles of groceries on the floor and put them in the cupboards or fridge. It was a surprisingly efficient method and had all the shopping away in 5 minutes. Trust the audacity of youth to come up with such a technique! I found it hilarious.

The exasperating flip side is how frequently I seem to run head long into a collision with, not the audacity of youth, but the arrogance of conviction, at the moment. He will not admit when he is wrong and will argue his case until I boil over. Oddly enough, I remember my mother and brother having heated discussions over the dinner table going over and over the same ground and round and round in circles while my father and I sat passively listening, getting lost, feeling dizzy and wishing they would stop.

With the onset of teen years, we wanted to be sure our shower was working. Tim has fixed it. And the kids, who have always grown up with a bath have a few things to learn. I don’t understand why having a shower provokes such a strange towel etiquette of dumping their towel on the floor. Exasperated, I gave them a demonstration on “How to fold and hang up a towel”. A little later, Rich Tea boy told me that my towel folding demonstration reminded him of Captain Mainwaring teaching the men how to use the telephone. Hilarious!

Having a shower, seems to encourage other unusual etiquette.

He’s never pinched it before! But I often wear his, so I can’t really make a fuss except it looks ridiculous, pink and too small!

Tidying can be pretty exasperating, but I was amused to hear one member of the tidy up team making the job much more interesting by inventing his own language. Each article he was putting away he would give a new name, in his language, and then teach it to his brothers and sisters. Tidying up became quite hilarious.

I’m looking forward to more journeys from the exasperating to the hilarious.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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