“Look Mummy! I’m Raining”

Living with and educating a child with a specific language impairment has the most delightful moments.  I was treating our poorly horse this evening and Miss Puddleduck came with me.  She didn’t help, wafting the torch in the eyes of the distrusting animal while I was trying to administer ointment to one of the said eyes. 

We’ve had an uphill struggle trying to fight off the evils of an ulcerated eye with this poor pony and the elaborate lavage system that the vet installed, after heavy use of sedation, came to a sad end when she snapped the tube to her eye.  The good news is the eye is getting better. Also, I have learnt so much I didn’t know before about the temperament of young Hâf and have succeeded in losing weight through the anxiety!  

So, I sent Miss Puddleduck and her torch away from the stables while I completed the ministration of medicine.  As I refilled Hâf’s water bucket for the night, Miss Puddleduck was standing on the other side of the yard calling to me.

“What is it?”  I called back.
“Mum, I’m raining!”  She shouted still wafting the torch up and down.  I’m not sure what the torch wafting was meant to achieve.  Being a pedant, I corrected her.

“You’re standing in the rain, you mean.”  Quite honestly, against the wind, she didn’t hear me and I found myself chuckling as I put the tack room light out.

There have been a few other funny moments this week I have recorded. 

One moment before my husband left for work, I told him that I loved him.  He replied,
“I like your socks!”

Fashion is not our forte, in this household. My socks were a “fashion fail”!

The other day, I left my much loved husband with the responsibility for seeing Miss Puddleduck dressed before church. I went early and when the rest of the family arrived, Miss Puddleduck arrived dressed in a pretty dress, a pair of my tights and a pirate hat from the dressing up box.

I had thought earlier in the week how I must be the only mother who sends her daughter to a ballet class with muddy knees, in autumn. But thanks to the mildness of this autumn so far, I have done just that! In the summer, it was the same pirate hat and wellies that accompanied her to her ballet lessons.

During half term, a friend came over to rehearse some violin pieces with me.  She arrived while I was up in the stables.  We have an open door policy in our home which means that there is no ceremony about ringing or knocking to come in the house.  If you come to see us, just come in!  So my friend knew this and let herself in.  Rich Tea Boy was sitting in the kitchen.  She asked him where I was.  He replied,
“I have no idea where Mum is, but the kettle’s just boiled.”  I love his sense of priority and hospitality!

I found this drawing lying around. I love the attention to detail. The soles of those shoes look like they could conquer the most hostile terrain.

If anyone else, like me, has had an intense few weeks of feeling like you’re spinning lots of plates, and trying very hard not to let them fall and break, I hope you find joy in the small things. These beautiful phenomenon minister greatly to my soul and there have been so many in the autumnal blusters, these recent days.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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2 Responses to “Look Mummy! I’m Raining”

  1. Paul Evans says:

    Good to have you posting again.

    • deerfeet says:

      Thanks Paul. The numerous drafts of other posts have not made it into public view, purely because of time pressures. But the nights are closing in. I’m sure I’ll find time to write more. I’d like to.

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