The Leibster Award – a bit like Playing Tag!

I was reading and remarking on things I disputed about a blog post my brother had written in his blog Seymour Writes and was chuckling away reading out portions that I thought would amuse the rest of the family. Uncle Seymour’s originality and reputation is already of Tolkein-esque proportions, as seen through the childish binoculars with which my children view him, so I didn’t want to destroy that too much. But his first bicycle was called Aardvark, as far as I can remember and his grandfather(mine too) didn’t play rugby for South Africa, but England!

As I am intrinsically nosey about people (because they are fascinating), I quite enjoy reading these sort of nostalgic posts that tell you random and pointless, but none the less interesting pieces of information about people. To learn that my brother likes Sandalwood was enough to make me pause by a counter and wonder whether I make a purchase, this morning. Needless to say, I didn’t!

When I got to the bottom of the post I surprised the rest of the family with my exclamation of “Oh!”. Unexpected I discovered that Seymour had nominated me to participate in the sharing of useless but still interesting nostalgic facts with a Leibster Award. Why? Well, as he so eloquently puts it, “The Leibster highlights up-and-coming blogs and helps feed the content dragon.

So this is how it goes. I share 11 random facts about me and answer 11 questions given by the nominator. I then present 11 fresh questions to 11 bloggers who I nominate for the Award. It sounds fun! Here goes:

11 Random Facts

1. A trip to the circus at the age of 7 had me so inspired by the trapeze artists that I built my own trapeze in a tree in the garden with rope and an old broom handle. When we moved house and country, I built another. I spent hours doing acrobatics on it. But one day, I decided to see if I could balance on it standing, without holding on to the ropes! Need I say, the floor hit me rather hard and fast.
2. I love maps. It is no coincidence my middle name is Stanford.
3. I used to make up songs and think they were rubbish. I still make up songs and think they are rubbish! But that doesn’t stop me trying.
4. I only have two wisdom teeth and only ever will. The other two don’t exist in my jaw.
5. My favourite edible treats to take to university with me at the beginning of a new term were a bunch of bananas, Jordan’s almond and honey cereal bars and a jar of my mother’s home made crab apple jelly.
6. The worst birthday present I have ever been given was a duster!
7. I married my first proper boyfriend. It is really nice not having any skeletons of past relationships in the cupboard.
8. I class myself as a haphazard and careless cook whose creations are acceptable one day and disaster the next. I have a very tolerant family! This makes the phrase “Mum, I love your curry pie” a melody of praise from my daughter’s lips!
9. I love looking to see if I can see what people are gifted at and nothing excites me more than seeing them have the opportunity to grow and use those gifts.
10. There was a time in my life when death and the moon scared me, but neither of those facts remain true anymore.
11. I was born on a Sunday and my birth, being complicated, prevented the doctor from going to church.

11 Answers to 11 Questions
1. Tattoo?
No! Never! I appreciate art and that people sometimes have them to mark a moment of significance. But I naturally rebel against popular culture and have noticed that adults without tattoos seem less these days than those with. I’d like to be numbered among those who do not mark their bodies. I also have serious reservations about what tattoos look like on ageing skin.
2. Have you ever collected anything a bit odd?
Thimbles? Baskets? Neither of those are odd but I did once collect pieces of material (aged 6) and from that collection my mother made a patchwork bedcover. She gave it to me when I got married.
3. If you had the time and money to further your education, what would you study?
I would do postgraduate study in Education, considering I was given a place at university to do that a few years ago but couldn’t afford it.
4. In the Hollywood feature film of your life, who would you like to play the title role?
Here I demonstrate my ignorance of popular culture, because quite honestly I haven’t got a clue! I don’t think my life would make a very interesting film and I don’t know any actresses by name except a handful. They’re all too old or far too glamorous.
5. What was the last song or piece of music you listened to?
The Hill, by Marketa Irglova
6. If you were stuck in a lift for an hour, which historical figure would you most like to have for company?
Jesus, obviously! But as His Spirit is with me anyway that perhaps doesn’t count. Right now in relation to a lot of my studies, I’d like to meet and speak with John Wesley.
7. What is the next book you hope to read?
As usual, I have lots on the go. But if I could get hold of a copy, I’d like to read Rosemary Sutcliff’s book about General Fairfax. The name escapes me.
8. In a house fire, which of your possessions would you most like to save (apart from the house)?
For the purpose of answering this question, I would count my husband, children and animals as possessions! As long as they were all safe, I couldn’t care less about the rest.
9. What would be your ultimate comfort food?
Green olives, but they’re bad flatulence creators!
10. Where do you stand on politicians from “I don’t vote”, to “they are our only hope”?
We live in a democracy which is an incredible privilege! Democracy means “people rule”. This means it is possible for anyone to get involved in politics. I have a lot of respect for people who get so involved they earn the title ‘politicians’. They are amazingly brave people who are willing to put their necks on the block of public scrutiny and have it chopped off with the guillotine of British criticism by people who think they could do better. I see politicians as ordinary people but clever ordinary people. Most go into politics with the desire to improve governance and help people. It is a nasty world where power and ambition cloud the water. You’ve got to be clever to swim through it. People are cruel and selfish (as they can be in any walk of life) but when the sun goes down at the end of the day they are still ordinary people.

So, yes, I vote. I encourage people to get involved. I get involved where I can. I observe what goes on. I watch the way the game is played. I encourage those who work hard. I rarely enter the ring to verbally box the opposition. I hold my cards close to my chest and give respect and honour where they are due.

There! A politicians answer!
11. Could you summarise how you see your mission in life in a single sentence? (What would it be?)
To know Him and make Him known. That has been my personal motto since I was 18 and remains so.

11 Questions for my 11 Nominees.

1. Given complete freedom of choice and no financial limitations, where would you most like to live in the world?
2. Describe one defining moment in your life where the decision you made has reaped beneficial consequences again and again and again.
3. Dogs or cats? Which do you prefer?
4. As a child, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?
5. Have you ever made an article of clothing for yourself? If yes, what was it and did you dare to wear it in public? Was it well received? Did you confess to having made it?
6. What do you habitually do that you don’t like doing?
7. If you could, would you employ servants?
8. Is there any relative in your family that the rest of your family regularly liken you to, and if so why?
9. What is your favourite season of the year? Why?
10. Do you tend to read the book, then watch the film, or watch the film and then read the book? Or neither?
11. What book has had the greatest impact on your life, in recent years?

And Now my 11 Nominees

JayneBarefoot African
VanessaWaiting for Heaven
JaneTopical Writer
YvonneLook to your Path
Suzanne(If she still writes…I don’t know because my filter blocks her blog!)
ChrisNice Welsh Lady
InspiringHomeschool Mom
TimWill he blog again?

Tip! Now you’re “it”!

Be warned! This takes a while to do, so I won’t be offended if you don’t fancy the challenge, or haven’t the time.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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6 Responses to The Leibster Award – a bit like Playing Tag!

  1. Seymour says:

    Well done for taking up the challenge! Thank you for introducing me to a few up-and-coming blogs I didn’t know about, too.

    Aardvark was my first bicycle, I meant to say “my first adult bicycle” (I’m sure this was in my original draft of the post, but got lost) … I’ll fix that. You probably do know better but I don’t think Ted played for England. He’s in the South African “Who’s Who” of Sport but I can’t find any references to him playing for England.

    We can argue the toss this weekend 😉

    Great questions, too – I’d like to answer them.

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  3. Lilian says:

    Thanks for this! Sorry I only just read this post! Will try and answer the questions etc soon…

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