Autumn Mixtures

“Oh, do we have a brain?”  the youngest suddenly asked me, in the middle of the final chapter of Winnie the Pooh.  And so I diverted my  reading to have a little six-year-old-can-comprehend biology lesson. This led to more discussion and a good look at the little tubes in our wrists that carry the blood with no more air in it, back to our heart to be refuelled with more air.  She later told me she needed a drink because she was going to run out of breath soon and she needed some juice to keep her breath going, which was a bit worrying!  I’m not too sure how I managed to convey that to her?

I do enjoy the spontaneous opportunities for learning that present themselves in unexpected places.  One such occurrence this week, was while discussing the strong smell of ammonia that permeates everything at this time of year, as a result of winter stabling the horses, my wise one asks about ammonia,

“But I thought that was an illness?”

I’m very glad pneumonia has nothing to do with stabling the horses.  In fact, having had Tim’s father work so hard at helping Fly recover from an illness, we hope stabling him will help prevent pneumonia!

I love the early morning routine of taking the horses out to the field and then bringing them in before dark.  This has been the first year where I have had them in a different field to our own and so it requires a short walk morning and evening.  Splash takes a while to get used to a change in routine, but he is settling into in now and comes thundering across the field when I call him from the gate.  I like to think he is delighted to see me, but can’t help feeling some of the expression of delight is actually over the fact I give him food in his stable!

Yesterday, my lovely husband commented that I appear to have lost weight.  I can’t say it was consciously done, and I somehow doubt that I have, but I tried to attribute the illusion to my horse related activity.  Such compliments were welcomed, especially as in the morning my lovely husband had looked very closely at my face and told me that I didn’t need to participate in “Movember”.  We laughed!  But it might be easier not to participate, if HE hadn’t used my tweezers for random jobs that render them useless.  I shift the blame to his shoulders!  Actually, I think I’m entering new territory that comes with getting older even having to consider using tweezers on my face!

A little older, and I hope a little wiser! November is a big birthday month for our family. But I forget how old I will be.  We celebrated our big girl’s birthday just recently, and she being the one born just hours after my father died, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about him.  It’s funny how this year, has had lots of triggers to remind me of nine years ago.  Often the anniversary will pass and I will remember and speak with my mother and that’s it.  But somehow, this year the major trigger has been that the autumn colours have been so vivid and very reminiscent of the year he died.  I have loved these autumn colours, this year. Autumn has been a real autumn, not an autumn that comes and blows, and suddenly the leaves are on the floor, without so much as a hint at the colours they could have been, just a brown, soggy mulch.

Although, last week, Autumn forgot itself and pretended to be Winter for a few beautiful days.  I enjoyed seeing the snow in the distance.But I’m glad it didn’t stick around because I’m not quite ready for winter yet.

While on the subject of “pretending”, the youngest introduced me to her new pretend friend, this morning.  I had to greet “Marvin” properly and make him feel welcome.  I think Lyma, Lyna, Dini and “Pretend Evie” are still around somewhere.  They certainly lack manners.  They most inconveniently arrived just when Miss Puddleduck was in the middle of tidying her bedroom the other day and she came to tell me that they had arrived and she was going to have to stop tidying her room. Tsk tsk!

Instead of pretend friends, our week has been blessed by the company of real friends and we enjoyed a lovely walk on the beach with another home educated family.  My children all seem to enjoy geology, so we explored the topic of weathering and erosion, before we set out.  It was our project day and a beautiful one!

Oh yes!  We love home education!

Giving it all “Soul and Glory”!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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  1. I like the way you talk about spontaneous opportunities for learning. Nice way to phrase it. Those types of questions are often funny as well. Interesting to hear how their minds work.

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