Porthdinllaen – Episode 2

This was written by our eldest (age 11).

Beach Holiday

I was getting into bed. It was late, I had been at church since 4:30-10:30 at Kids Alive and Kinetic. As I took my socks off, I noticed sand in-between my toes. How did that get there? I thought. Oh yes! I remember. It was the same pair of socks I wore at the beach on holiday (they had been washed).

It then it all came back to me: The beach; the rock pools; the long journey in the car; the big rocks far out; the life boat and station; lots of boats in the harbour; how far you could go when the tide was out and the pub right on the beach. There was lots more.

I shall tell about one of the days we stayed there.

“Are we nearly there yet?” asked my youngest sister.
“No! Twenty more minutes,” said Mum.

To get down to the cottage we were staying at we had to go through
a golf course, where mostly men were playing golf in white shoes.
We had to park in a private car park only for special ticket holders.
We then walked down a steep slope to the beach with several cottages, some right on the beach. Our cottage was not on the beach sadly, but you could run out of the door through an archway and onto the beach.

As soon as we got our bags in and beds made, we put on our wellies
and grabbed our buckets and nets and ran to the rock pools.
We caught loads of things such as tiny and big shrimp like things, crabs and tiny fish.

Soon it was tea time. I can not remember what we had but it tasted
nice! After food we went for a short walk. When we got back we put our Pjs on and went to bed with a hot-chocolate, to listen to the waves breaking on the shore.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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