Strange Saturday

  1. Youngest is bitten by a spider.
  2. Two armed response teams, one undercover and two normal police cars arrive over nothing illegal.
  3. Tim attends a coffee morning with two of our children, and the Secretary of State for Wales, while I take the others to their extra ballet lesson.
  4. We take the dogs in the car for a walk (being a saloon, we don’t normally take them in the car).  Quince sits on my lap and obliterates my view and gives me a dead leg.  Maggie bounces around all over the children in the back.
  5. I go to the train station to give my cousin a set of keys.  I can’t find the keys, so assume I’ve made a mistake and left them at home.  He rearranges his plans.  We rearrange ours.  We go home to get the keys and as we get to the top of our drive, I find the keys in the car!  Oh yes!  I am popular.
  6. Two of our children are with the rest of Tim’s family while the other two are with us and we’re heading for the hills to join them, only we don’t make it on account of the youngest needing to relieve herself.
  7. Tim helps a hunter retrieve a dead deer.
  8. I’m making bread.  Tim is studying his theology course and our eldest daughter is doing plies (how do I get an accent on the “e”?) at the table beside him, practising with the music for her ballet exam, as if it is the barre.  Bizarre sight!
  9. I realise No 1. son, now an inch taller than me, is going through a ridiculous growth spurt as he is hovering over my shoulder, in the kitchen, pinching raw garlic from my chopping board and then hovering over his brother’s shoulder pinching cooking apple peelings, from his brother’s chopping board.  That’s desperate scavenging!
  10. We have apple crumble made by No 2. son.  Delicious!  I go to make custard and discover that we have no custard powder.  The milk is already warming.  I go for the cornflour and vanilla essence option, but there’s only a small amount of cornflour left.  The result – hot sweet milk!

That’s life!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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