Wonderful Words

Tim, on his way to play badminton tells me that his badminton partner had contacted him to ask if they wanted to meet ten minutes early to do some stretches together before they played, but he told his badminton partner that he doesn’t do stretches.  Then Tim told me why.  He doesn’t do stretches because William the Conqueror didn’t do stretches before he fought the Battle of Hastings!

My Peaceful One, grabbing hold of the reins of her pony, said “This is the remote control”!

Standing “starkers” in the middle of the kitchen, getting her pyjamas on (she doesn’t normally get dressed there), and with revelation written across her face, she pipes up “I’m like Adam and Eve!”

I offered Tim a fried egg for lunch, and thankfully nobody was watching my prolonged attempts to crack the egg, before I realised it was made of rubber.  That was the boy’s idea of a practical joke.  They enjoyed hearing about my confusion, although they thankfully didn’t get to laugh at me trying to crack it!

Getting into the car after his ballet lesson, my 11 year old seemed to recognise the piece of music playing on the radio and asked what it’s called.  So I told him and then began my informed discourse on the theory that it was a tune written by Henry VIII, but no one is too sure.  About five minutes further down the road, my ballet boy suddenly asks, absolutely genuinely, “Who wrote Greensleeves?”.  Hello?  Were you not listening?

The house was quiet and still.  The youngest was playing with the chickens in the garden.  My big girl was still doing her school work.  My biggest boy was researching some historical facts on the computer.  I was tidying the kitchen, when suddenly a horrified voice rings out “Gandalf appears to be dead!”  I hadn’t noticed my 10 year old hiding behind his book in the corner of the living room.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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