A Break from the Mundane – the Unexpected!

A discussion with a friend about her impending wedding led to talk about realistic and unrealistic expectations.  This conversation I relayed in gist to Tim and he said emphatically “I didn’t have unrealistic expectations before we got married!”  I laughed and reminded him of the questionnaire we filled out on our “Preparation for Marriage” course that made it plain, quite emphatically, his expectations were unrealistic.

This Wednesday marks fourteen years into our marriage and we don’t typically celebrate or even take note.  But I have been reflecting – it’s what anniversaries make us good at.  Life as a Mrs has been amazing and I expect it to continue as such, but there are many, many ways my Mr has exceeded my expectations.  As an example, I left him for ten hours on Saturday while I went to help backstage in two performances of the children’s dance show, and came to find that he had pulled the majority of the ragwort (horrible weed) from the horses’ field (despite the horses not being his responsibility).  He had also made a box for the water tank.

And in doing so, now makes my morning view like this:

Red Kite aerobatics past the window enhanced the view, this morning.

So that was Saturday, but then on Sunday my Mr put his church leader hat on and welcomed the Anglican Bishop into our predominantly Pentecostal midsts for a unique and amazing time together.  Fourteen years ago, leading a church was not what I expected my husband to be doing at any stage in our lives.  This was followed by a civic service in the village church committing his year as mayor to God.  Again, I did not expect fourteen years ago that one day I would be married to the mayor!

We came home, tired and took the children off on a wood scavenge before bedtime.  Some strong winds have brought a few branches down and it has reminded us that we need to start stocking up on wood for the winter.  It was a lovely family walk and while I did expect my husband to make an amazing Dad, even there he has excelled!

As we set off on our walk, the youngest asked me to look at the grasses and the flowers.  Although we’ve covered the differences between seasons several times, she hasn’t yet grasped them, but this week she was doing the seasons in her speech therapy session.  So I said to her as she pointed out the foliage, “Yes, it’s Summer.”

“Summer?” she exclaimed incredulously “but where’s the sun?”  Yet another soggy day and I ask myself the same question.  She cheerfully remarked, “Oh yes, I know!  It’s behind the clouds.”  I’m not so content with that explanation.  Please can we have some dry summer weather, just for a little bit.  This weather does not meet my expectation of what summer should be like!

An unexpected summer of rain and a husband who exceeds expectations, an anniversary to sail past, a new room to enjoy, the breaking up of school for summer and an incredibly busy few weeks coming up to prepare for makes a break from the mundane – with Great Expectations!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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