Making the Mundane Matter

George Sinker wrote a little book and dedicated it to his wife.



Whom He loves

And I love too


her husband

who tries to understand

He writes:

The object of this book is to try to bring Jesus more vividly into your consciousness, continually throughout the dull, hard and often irritating routine of housekeeping.  The title came to me, I believe, as an inspiration from Him of whom it speaks, and is a lovely sentence to repeat to yourself as you are cumbered with much serving.

It is an attempt to bring the practice of the presence of God into one of the hardest, humblest and often most thankless of jobs, but withal, as will be seen, one of the most Christ-like.  It is an attempt to link up the commonest things of everyday life with Jesus: to see Him in everything, and everything in Him.

By connecting the common things of daily life with Him, they will become thought-associations to bring Jesus to mind.  If some of the Contacts seem far-fetched, what matter?  He is the goal to which all must lead.

Most of the Contacts will be taken from the life of Jesus, though some from the Psalms and elsewhere are too good to miss.  It is suggested that the words from the Bible, by which the thought-association is created, be repeated at the appropriate moment, but it must always be remembered that what is aimed at is the consciousness of His presence.  The mind must never be allowed to dwell on the interest or the thrill of the connecting link (this is most important), but always on the very presence of Jesus with you, in the kitchen, or the queue, or whatever it may be.  The Contact being thus made, some word of prayer and praise will intensify it, and make more real the glorious fact, as true now as then, that Jesus loves Martha.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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3 Responses to Making the Mundane Matter

  1. Joy on a Shoestring says:

    This is wonderful, thanks for sharing. Is the book still available?

    • deerfeet says:

      I found it on Amazon, but you don’t have Amazon over there, do you? I’m intending to share the best bits on my blog and hope that as it’s over 50 years old that’s ok with the copyright.

      • Joy on a Shoestring says:

        I’m looking forward to reading it as you share it. Thanks for taking the time to do so.

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