Just a Normal Day

I’ve found myself thinking recently, how God takes things that we think are very ordinary and everyday, and makes them exceptional and “extraordinary” for other people, because He is with us.  But to start a post with a thought like that is perhaps silly because I now intend to continue by playing with the irony of whether today was an ordinary day or not.

The Mayor had a day at home and continued on renovation work that he began yesterday evening.  He and our eldest daughter were measuring and cutting wood, at 8am!  And because the furniture had been moved for the work, school took place in the kitchen.

School work was disrupted by the most magnificent down pour, which apparently gathered momentum and drama as it crossed the country, adding thunder, lightning and floods to the show.  But we quite enjoyed our milder version.The field acquired a river and the rain drops were so huge my camera got confused about what to focus on!

And the wall got such a shock, it wet itself!

Then the rain stopped, the darkness moved on and the sun came out again. I made a cake (well, a tart, to be technically correct) without any abnormalities to it, and everyone really enjoyed it!

I returned the house to normal (almost), dusted and swept, swept and dusted the building dust, placed all the furniture back where it belonged, prepared myself to teach my pupils and they all cancelled at really short notice, bar one!

As I discovered the message of one cancellation, my biggest boy was in the conservatory dissecting a golf ball.  I am under the impression that this is one of those normal milestones of boyhood development!  Am I right?  Every boy wants to know what a golf ball is made of.  My brother did it and I remember being partisan to the investigation, and the innards of a cricket ball!

My big boy suddenly gave one of those yells that make you drop what you are doing and run.  I had, to this point, been oblivious to what he was doing.  But found him in agony, squealing with his hands over both eyes.  I tried to calm him and have him explain what had happened and a few minutes later Daddy appeared and took over.

Did you know that the centre of a golf ball contains a liquid?  No nor did we, but we do now.  Having got to the centre of the golf ball, in his dissection, Joisah pierced the centre with his penknife and a liquid shot out at such force it hit both his eyes and, we later discovered, one of the conservatory windows.  Daddy help Josiah to wash his eyes out, established that no serious damage had been done and then sat down on the computer to see if it was possible to discover what the liquid was.  Having smelt it, we had no clues.  I suggested an oil, but we were guessing.

It turns out that the particular make of golf ball he was dissecting contains salt water and corn syrup in its centre!  Well, I never!!  Both harmless liquids.

Just another normal day in our household.


Someone nicked my camera, today, and I found these two gorgeous photos on it!


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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