Summer Hath Spoken

Forget the Jubilee, it would seem that a celebration of summer has spontaneously taken place in this house, this week.  We’ll keep Jubilee Celebrations to the weekend designated.  These are some anecdotes from our celebration of summer, to date.

The Mayor took My Peaceful One for a walk yesterday, while I taught a violin lesson and the other three had gone for a bike ride and picnic tea. The Mayor told me this morning that they played imaginative games the whole way around the walk including Indians and Horses.  But the best was the name she gave him in their game: Jungle Man.   The title Mayor is now synonymous with Jungle Man.  I found Jungle Man wreaking havoc on the trampoline when I had finished my lesson and the others had returned from their picnic.  It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine does to people.

The tree house has become a den of secrecy and frequent play again as the sycamore it is in has suddenly filled out with leaf.  I was recently informed of a club that meet in the tree house.  The club (The Treehouse Survival Gang) has a President, Secretary, and Clerk.  All decisions are proposed, seconded and voted upon, and members consist of the other children who come to play.  Apparently, the President nominated himself to be President and then took off up and down the track on his bicycle while the others took five minutes discussion to decide whether they accepted his nomination.

I had a laugh with the postman the other morning, about the weather.  It is little wonder that in Britain we frequently discuss the weather because it is so varied.  We’ve gone from feeling wintery cold, still lighting the fire in May, to summer – just like that, overnight!  Where spring went I’m not too sure.  I think it went that way and I missed it.

This morning, the postman and I discussed the arrival of our Olympic tickets.  He was very interested to know what we were going to.  He told me that someone else he had delivered tickets to was going to see a dressage event.  I said, I would have liked to have gone to see the Dressage or Rowing, but as it is we’re going to watch Britain play football.  I think the Jungle Man’s northern heritage came out victorious over my Henley-on-Thames upbringing!

One of the children (not mine, I hasten to add, just a day visitor) threw a mud bomb at the postman’s vehicle as he was leaving, and hit it.  So tomorrow, I will be  apologising to the postman, in whatever conversation I have with him as the said child wasn’t discouraged from his actions by any of my children.

But as the weather has been so beautiful these last few days and the frustrated postman took the wrong week off, I did encounter this:

One Who fights for Justice: “I propose we have and hour long break.  Anyone second that?”

The norm is half a hour break time.  I thought but didn’t say “Fat chance, Mate!”

While they have been outside in shorts and T-shirts, enjoying the now summer I have to sternly tell myself that nothing bad is going to happen.  Yes, that’s residue from Tim’s accident, I know, but I’m being very firm with those thoughts that sneak up from behind.  Still,  One Who Searches for Wisdom came in the other day and said, “I slid down a bank of loose stones and dried mud.”

“Yes, and…?”  was my reply, thinking he’d grazed himself.

“And I broke this, so I thought I’d better give it to you” holding out an orchid!  What a gentleman!

Warmer weather has meant a better exercise programme for my out of condition horses and for myself.  My muscles keep reminding me I’m out of condition.  But the other day I couldn’t find my clean Jodhpurs, so dug out a dreadful pair of breeches.  They may have a leather seat, but they are way too big for me.  Still for the sake of keeping up horsey appearances, I wore them.  I was stalked by comments from the Jungle Man.

“Those trousers need to be thrown out.”

“You look really dumpy in those.”

Even though this is a cliché, I couldn’t stop laughing for the way he said it,

“They make you look like a sack of potatoes.”

So warmer weather and some wonderful fun combine to bring laughter again to our household.

Please keep speaking Summer, we’re loving the sound of your voice!

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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