Election Day

Here it is!  Today!  Tim was up and out at 6am.  Then he came home to put his posh garb on and I took him back into town.  It felt, as always, like I’m sending him off to war.

Demokratia – thank you, Greeks, for being the first model of power to the people.  I wonder if the rest of Europe will follow you in your current struggles.  Let’s hope not!

I’m not particularly politically minded but I do get irritated and annoyed by the British public who moan, moan, moan about the political spectrum but forget that it is a democracy and EVERYONE has a potential opportunity to play a part.  Everyone over 18 can vote, but also anyone can get involved with politics at a local and grass roots level.  Today, my involvement will involve supplying sustenance to the troops.  Not everyone has to be an expert at debating to be involved.  But I have observed that it takes great skill and thick skin to put your neck on the block and put yourself forward as a candidate for election.

As I say, I am not very politically minded.  I am more of an observer and from that position can see matters I would sympathise with within every party manifesto.  But what especially intrigues me is how much of politics rises and falls on personality.  I am shocked by how people will sometimes treat each other within a party, let alone how they treat opposing candidates.  This is where modern warfare comes to mind, but of the verbal kind.  I would conclude that the personality type to guarantee success (not necessarily election, but peace of mind) is the personality that is grounded in integrity, whereby what they say, they do.  They work consistently hard and are kind to all others working with or against them.  How anyone can represent the people of Britain from any podium other than integrity, I don’t know!

British politics might have a different personality if integrity was the blueprint of every politician and policy.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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