March On with Anomalies.

Here at the end of March, I realise it has been a still month on the blog frontier.  It has been a month of much quiet contemplation and plenty of thought-filled material gathering, but no output!  I must be an introvert (ref.Susan Cain).  Oh yes, and plenty of reading has been done this month.

It has been a month where the value of other people has once again hit home.  This month, I went over a bump I didn’t see that knocked me off balance on the path of life and pulled my sense of security out from under my feet.  In those moments, the people who stop and pick you up are the ones you know you cannot be without.  I am reminded that man was not designed to live alone.  People need people.

Like when you find yourself at a loss in knowing how to wisely handle the shaping  of your child’s character, having to call your husband and place the matter of discipline in his hands.  You’re grateful God’s design was for there to be two parents.  I appreciate that circumstances sometimes mean the job is left to one – and I honour any parent who brings children up on their own, because you are amazing – but I found myself delighting in the fact that the ideal is two parents, for very good reasons.

This month has reminded me of mountain climbing.  While your muscles ache and lungs feel sucked dry you enjoy beautiful views and the exhilaration of reaching the top.  So while we have fought various, change-of-season viruses that seem to have mutated and been passed around the family several times in different forms, we have also enjoyed the outdoors, lighter evenings, the freaky summer-like weather, socialising with fabulous people and the discovery of Red Kites nearby.

They are rare in North Wales.  The county recorder informed us that there have only been a couple of sitings in North Wales and that they have not been known to breed anywhere in North Wales.  So it’s exciting to be an anomaly.  We appear to have a breeding pair near here.  We have seen two together and, last weekend, Tim watched them collect grass in their talons.  This is Daddy kite, distinct with his slightly ragged wing: 

My eldest took the photo and his camera isn’t the best, but he did well to capture it.

So along with breeding kites and unusual weather this month, other anomalies have been the chicken on top of the hay bale while the horse was eating; the mud in the field so dry its cracked, in March; the cat attacking my tapping foot while I was practising my violin, yet a mouse smiled and waved at me the other morning when I opened my eyes; and goats who accompany us when we go riding. I believe my father-in-law and myself might develop a reputation locally as being those weirdos who ride out with their goats instead of dogs.   Have you ever seen a goat pant?  I hadn’t either, until they accompanied us for the entire ride!

April comes tomorrow riding on a donkey – Palm Sunday and April fools day.  I’m looking forward to the anomalies of folly and serious celebration combined!  This has been the first year I have realised how Spring speaks the resurrection.  It has been the first time I have realised God’s intentional communication through the seasons rather than my interpretation of thinking that man placed the celebration of Easter at a time that coincided conveniently with the message.  I know!   Where have I been for the past 30 odd years?

The youngest and I planted out some day lily bulbs on the track, the other day and she wanted to go and check the next day to see if they had grown.  It takes time to learn that things grow with patience.  Lots has grown in my understanding this month, but its taken patience and with patience my family continues to grow up.

I love the mountain climb.  It is so worth the views.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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