My Today

These are the things I especially enjoyed today or that amused me:
  • Driving tonight with my lights off, because the moonlight was so bright.
  • Listening to the song of the blackbird as I mucked out the horses this evening.  It wasn’t a tick-tick-shrinking-earth-cooling-down-in-the-evening sound, or an angry shout from a flustered blackbird, but the varied song that is such a beautiful song of praise and sound of Britain.
  • Meeting a lady in TESCO whose name I have never known, but with whom I always stop and talk whenever I bump into her.  I first met her on the school gate when my eldest was a baby and I used to child-mind.  I learnt her name today, it’s Ann.
  • Reading a fabulous story called “A Single Grain of Rice” with my youngest and laughing together about the how the Emperor’s moustache twitched when he got angry.
  • Laughing with the children about silly things at tea time – I love their sense of humour!
  • I asked God today to make my horse eat his food.  They’re such crafty creatures.  I had put a wormer in his feed, this evening, and he refused to eat it.  It was a very expensive wormer that I don’t want wasted.  I’m sure God is used to unusual prayers.  He tells us to pray continually and that we can pray about anything, so as I can’t make my horse eat, I trust that He can.
  • I went to the vet today to ask for a cone for the dog.  She looked mildly amused when I told her we’d thought of making one but decided to see if we could purchase one from the vet, instead.  I think she knows that a cone on a dog needs to be quite robust to be effective, especially on our Quince!  He’s going to look daft for a few days.
  • I measured my Gelderlander around his girth to get an idea of his weight and he’s off the weigh tape!  Tim measured me with the same tape, to see if it is applicable to humans.  Sonny ran a mile when I tried to put the tape around his girth and Jackson didn’t stand still for very long either.  Fly was polite enough to humour me while I measured him, but he’s an old gentleman.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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2 Responses to My Today

  1. Does the weigh tape work on humans? Glad you enjoyed the moon last night – it was spectacular!

  2. deerfeet says:

    No!! Thankfully! As I weigh 12stone according to the weigh tape. Been out looking for Northern Lights this evening but can’t see any, just a beautiful, bright, full moon!

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