Lessons to be learned from Quince

I’m on door greeting duty at Church in the morning and I have to admit that my door greeting skills don’t surface as naturally as working with children.  I still have a lot to learn and am willing to be taught.  I thought who better to ask than the advice of our black Labrador, Quince.  He is wonderfully gifted at welcoming people to our home.  This is what he has taught me:

  1. Greet people with your deepest and loudest voice possible.
  2. Don’t stop greeting them until they actually enter the building or you’re told to be quiet.
  3. Be as physical in your greeting as possible.
  4. If you can, jump up at them and lick their face.
  5. But if not, make sure you circle them several times and nudge yourself against their body repeatedly.
  6. Always be extremely enthusiastic in your greeting of every individual to make sure they feel your delight in seeing them.
  7. Once the visitors are welcomed into the building find something to put in your mouth (like one of the children’s teddies) and run around the building showing everyone what you have in your mouth.
  8. If no one takes any notice of you, roll over on your back and look pleadingly at someone to tickle your tummy.

Ok thanks, Quince.  I think I’m ready to greet people at Church tomorrow and make them feel really welcome!



About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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