Blog on! Blog off!

Phew!  I have kept a blog for a year.  It’s a pleasant view to look back and read the record of the journey along the road that was 2011.  I have really enjoyed the experience of trying to create with words a view through the lattice into our home life.  2012 will be filled with new challenges and new creations.

I read a BBC article today, from which one line lit up with bright, flashing lights and imprinted itself on my mind.  Technology is clever!  But I won’t say which article from the BBC website it was.  However, the sentence that jumped out at me and stuck with me was this:

“We want to be creators, not consumers.”  It is so true!  I am driven by the desire to create rather than consume and yet have to consume in order to create.  I am driven by the desire to be original and unique.  I found myself ridiculously excited by the giving of Christmas gifts, this year.  Why?  Because I had made half of them and they were totally unique.  Unless I am foolishly forgetful, I can’t ever remember being quite so excited by what we have given at Christmas.

So, it is with joy that I will create more blog posts in 2012.  It doesn’t matter to me whether they are read or not, as the pleasure is in the creating.  I can’t apply the same principle to the making of cakes in this household, unfortunately.  I don’t especially enjoy making them and it is important to me whether they are eaten or not. My cakes are very hit and miss, sometimes worthy of being eaten and sometimes most definitely not!  But the pleasure of making them doesn’t outweigh their purpose sufficiently to encourage me to make them very often.  However, the pleasure of writing does outweigh the purpose of the words being read and that pleasure will keep me writing.

With a “new” year come a few “new” additions to this blog.  For quite a while I have been wanting to add a blogroll with links to other blogs that I follow.  How to add a blogroll was rather difficult to work out.  It wasn’t a case of a few screws in the wall and “Voila!” here we have a blogroll dispenser, as a blogroll is not something you might blow your nose on or wipe the nether regions with.

With a quizzical exploration of WordPress, I got there in the end.  But not after going up the cul-de-sac of adding yet another platform for displaying my Flickr photos.  That was not part of the original plan and not very necessary.  Now I have a blogroll to add others to, and if anyone I have created a link for objects, please let me know!  Or would like to be added as I might have overlooked you, friend or fiend, let me know, too.

I have also tidied things up a little and changed my photo, in the header, to a photo I took a few years ago at Erddig.  All this is to welcome the newness of this new year.  Welcome 2012!  2011 has prepared us for you.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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