Of Days Gone By

2011 has been a year of reaching some great heights, enjoying the views and some dramatic falls.  In summary:

January:  Tim took over as lead Pastor at North Coast Church.  I started a blog!

February:  This saw the anniversary of our lodger living with us for a year having only initially come for a week, as he was homeless and we were open minded.  This December, he has now moved onward and upward.

March:  Gave me the opportunity to play with an orchestra in a concert in the Royal Albert Hall, in London.

April: While Tim fought hard for his boss to be re-elected, the rest of the family visited Ouma in Devon.  Also in April, Rich Tea Boy turned 9 and the three eldest climbed Snowdon.

May:  Tim’s boss was re-elected and we took a brief but lovely family holiday on the Lleyn Peninsula.  Tim was appointed deputy mayor of Abergele and Miss Puddleduck turned 5.

June: Tim had a nasty accident and fell, while rock climbing.  He got his ride he’d been wanting in a helicopter but doesn’t remember any of it.

July: The Queen invited us to have tea with her in her garden (along with thousands of others) and it was an amazing, “once in a lifetime” experience.  (Buckingham Palace)  We made the most of it and had a few days in London.  Tim was still suffering with post-concussion syndrome which meant he tired easily, but we had a lovely child-free few days, and the children enjoyed staying with their Grandparents.

August: The blissful summer holidays!  We made the most of the outdoors, horses, no school work and began work on our house.  I began preparing for a concert in October.

September:  We welcomed Pedro and Barbie Erasmus from Edge Church in Cape Town, whose ministry and encouragement fertilised great growth amongst our leaders and church.

October:  I played in a charity concert, which was the first such performance for about 15 years and felt like a bold step, but left plenty of room for improvement.  The children and I had another lovely visit to Ouma, while Tim visited Edge Church in Cape Town.

November:  Miss Friendship turned 8 and Tim was still stuck in South Africa.  He was only supposed to have been there for a week, but his boss, who had been sent by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and had managed to coincide their respective trips, had fallen and broken his ankle.  At the end of the month Longshanks turned 11.

December:  Well, here we are…looking back over the year that was 2011 and wanting to wish all a secure, peaceful and love-filled Christmas and who knows what tomorrow holds?  But I’m sure it will be blessed!


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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