A Collection of Classic Statements

Tim on accompanying me:  “I think Bach would have been impressed with my playing tonight!”

Josiah:  “Autumn is really starting to take a toll on these trees.”

Jemimah first thing in the morning, when she came into the kitchen for breakfast:  “Why is it not all dirty?”

Followed by Tim on the same occasion:  “Oooh!  It’s nice and tidy in here.”

Josiah, on seeing me wearing my home made socks (My attempt at socks), “Mum, could you knit me some socks.”

Simeon, clearly mishearing Josiah saying he had eaten horse food before, said emphatically “I would never, ever, ever eat anyone’s poo!”

A visiting child, who came to play and was referring to the front door:  “Do you ever lock that door?  Or only when you go to church?”  He obviously doesn’t think we do anything else!

Josiah in preparing to go to a funeral:  “Mum, after I’ve done my schoolwork, could I iron a shirt?”  He’s only ten!!

A delivery note on a package from America:  “Your order was awesomely handled by Dallis N. and packed by K.C.”  -Only from America!

A child at North Coast Kids, drawing a picture on a flag said “This is the cross St George died on and this is the cross Jesus died on.”  I have to admit that I don’t know how St George died, so I asked the child if he was sure St George died on a cross.  “Yes, didn’t you know?!”  I’ve since read that indeed St George was martyred but beheaded.

On deciding not to wash his hands before eating his food like the rest of the children, Josiah said, “Never mind, it will build up my immune system.” To which I replied “But even the Jews had rites of ceremonial cleansing and washed their hands before they ate, because God wanted to protect them from bad germs.”  And his reply was “But if we were Jews we wouldn’t be eating this.”  He was absolutely right…pork sausages!


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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One Response to A Collection of Classic Statements

  1. Seymour says:

    Brilliant! I absolutely love that last one 🙂

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