This Month’s Meditation

I have been thoroughly enjoying listening to series of preaching from Mars Hill called “It’s All About Jesus” (  I have listened to it quite extensively, repeating bits I miss when the children talk to me or something else distracts me.  There was a lot I have gleaned and am still meditating and mulling over all I heard.

What has stood out and impacted my over active imagination the most is that we are part of a story.  I imagine the writing of a story.  It takes inspiration to write and I know who the author is of the story that is being written here in North Wales.  I think of all the familiar characters in the Bible, who we read about, and imagine that we’re being written about; that we’re the ones who get a mention: “The Book of the Chronicles of North Wales” – an imagined book!

In the “Book of Judges”, Samson plays an important part in the writing and is a character I find hard to understand.  But he had a part to play in releasing God’s people from the Philistines.  Samson strikes me as one of those characters who thought the story was all about him, and in pampering his vanity, things went wrong for him but when he remembered it was a story about God, he became a vessel for God’s justice.  David was another character who pretty consistently remembered that the story, he was a part of in his day, was about God.

As a part of writing the story of God’s glory here in North Wales, I realise that for too long I have made the story all about “me”.  I have a part to play in the writing of the story, but in my head it as if I am the heroine of the story and God is an important part.  With a shift in thinking, my decisions are being governed more and more to centre on whether they are a part of His story.  Hence, I am enjoying returning the hero of the story to the centre of the tale.  I am enjoying seeing His story unfold.  I am enjoying seeing His glory at work.  The hero is Jesus and I am a part of His story: The story of His glory here, in North Wales.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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