A List

Turning this first week of the new academic year and new term into a list…
Things that:
1. Impressed me most: The vet phoning me to ask how the treatment prescribed for Splash’s mud fever was working, after I’d called her out last week.

2. Surprised me most: The children falling over themselves with wanting to be the one to take the daily Bible study.

3. Perturbed me most: Despite my pride in my refreshed and newly empowered organisational skills, I managed to forget to take a pound for the trolley at ALDI.  This meant having to contain as much of a weekly shop in a large trolley bag as I could and only buy essentials.  To make up for it I did a Tesco shop the following evening, only to fill my trolley and then realise that I’d left my purse at home.  They kept my trolley full for me and I went home, retrieved my purse, paid and then drove home through town, in the dark, without my lights on!  I do question my organisational skills.

4.  Pleased me most:  As a result of renewed purpose and God given vision, I have kept on top of the house work and my necessary violin practise so well that I have had moments of wondering what to do!!

5.  Disgusted me most:  The flavour of the toothpaste my dentist recommended I use.  At least it is so disgusting that if ever my children or husband use it by mistake, they won’t repeat the mistake.

6.  Delighted me most: The first meeting with my new nephew, Henry.

7.  Saddened me most: The death of dear lady and wonderful saint.

8.  Disappointed me most: Josiah thought Ash Wednesday was celebrating something to do with the Great Fire of London.  What school does he go to?

9.  Made me wonder most: Josiah pulled his mirror off his bedroom wall in his sleep.

10. Unsettled me most:  Tim had £4000 spent on his credit card by some unknown individual and our suspicions lie in the possibility of it being by an employee of our neighbour’s building firm.  The credit card company thankfully stopped the payments, but we think the individual might have had some link with a local courier company.  Tim felt particularly uneasy with one of the recent courier delivery men and reckons it is time to invest in a good security system.  Tomorrow we go to pick her up – a dobermann pinscher puppy! – provided she’s the right one for us.

11. Encouraged me most: Seeing the effect of God’s love for my children in their lives and seeing them respond as a faithful friend to Him.

12.  Felt most satisfying: Seeing a Kilner jar of plum and apple jelly cooling on the kitchen window sill.

13. Intrigued me most: The variety of emotions we’ve had displayed in the household from intense tears to peels of laughter.


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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