March – Reads like a Newsletter

With no new posts for the entire month of March, I thought I had better put my right foot forward and write again.  The month began in the tradition of a lioness and is now springing  into April as a lamb, true to the nature of the month.

As I write, my Peaceful One wanders around with two pet spiders.  The older ones have started school.  She doesn’t start until 9.00am.  One Who Fights for Justice is learning about volcanos, earthquakes and plate tectonics.  He finds it quite fascinating.  I’m intrigued by how the syllabus teaches such things at year 5 level when National Curriculum teaches it at year 7 level.

March has been a very busy month.  It began with a few trips to London to be involved with the All Souls Orchestra Prom Praise 4 Schools, for me.  It was a fantastic concert.  I will save all my London observations for another day, but it was a great experience.

Since then, I have been given the most amazing gift of a beautiful, big Gelderlander.  I will post photos later.  I rode another horse along the sea front from Abergele to Colwyn Bay to swap him with and then rode him home.  The enormity of such a task only became apparent to me when I reached Llanddulas and I started to panic that I wouldn’t be able to make it home before dark.  But I did!  Just!!!  It was an epic ride but with real a sense of achievement and saddle sores to show for it.

The boys had a “Dads, Sons and Brothers Day Out” last week, with a trip to Cardiff to watch the England/Wales football match.  They loved it but with travelling to and from Cardiff, staying over and changing the clocks to British Summertime, they were exhausted.  It was Tim’s second trip to Cardiff that week.

March also saw the beginning of Lent and our daily prayer meetings at church.  It is interesting how much dross surfaces when we commit ourselves to prayer and fasting.  It will prove to be a very valuable time to conclude our first four months focussing on togetherness.

Yesterday, while the children went exploring in the afternoon, I had an amusing half hour on the trampoline with my Peaceful One.  Unfortunately, I can feel the ache of it now!  But she has brought me great pleasure in her very onomatopoeic term for a guitar.  She calls a guitar (please say it with a sense of rhythm) “a chikki-chickaar”.  And on that note, I need to start school with her.

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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